New Season, New Name

February 17th, 2016 11:03am | AdaptiveCall RecordingCall Reporting

Oak Telecom becomes Oak Innovation Limited

As of February, OAK will no longer trade under the banner of Oak Telecom LTD, but is being rebranded as Oak Innovation Limited to better reflect the company’s growing force as a forward-thinking UK software house.

“It’s a very subtle change that might appear purely cosmetic,” says Joint CEO Phil Reynolds. Everyone knows us simply as Oak, and that will continue. However we feel that the new formal title is a more accurate description of what we actually do - and what we don’t do is sell phone systems as the word ‘telecom’ implies. We design, develop and support our own solutions and we have won a string of awards for them. We specialise in call recording and reporting for all types of businesses and contact centres. We are increasingly providing solutions for mid-market opportunities. The new name reflects who we are now and where we are heading.”

The change of name also coincides with Oak’s acquisition of the Adaptive suite from New Media Software LTD. The Suite includes progressive and predictive diallers, SMS and email messaging, making it a great addition to Oak’s product portfolio. Oak has also taken on the NMS Adaptive team and their offices in Southampton, to ensure a smooth transition for NMS resellers and their customers.

Reynolds believes that the addition of Adaptive will open up new opportunities for the Channel.

“It’s a very exciting time for Oak. Adaptive is a great product suite with a proven track record that fits particularly well with our mid-market solutions, Evolve and Clarify. NMS have had experience working in the areas of the market that Oak is moving into, which is extremely valuable going forward. For the Channel, all this means that at a time when the bottom end of the market is being gradually eroded by cheap hosted solutions, Oak are able to present resellers with tested solutions and strategies to help them aim at bigger targets.”

NMS Managing Director Phill McGowan believes Adaptive is in good hands and will continue working alongside Oak as a consultant while the handover takes place and the new version 10 of Adaptive is rolled out.

Oak is currently organising an Adaptive roadshow for resellers this spring. For more information about any of Oak’s products or roadshow dates, please contact 0800 9889 625.